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Network printer problem...

piyush mathiya
Trusted Contributor

Network printer problem...

Hi Gurus,
I am beginer in linux technology, specially I am working in HP Unix only. First time I have logged into the linux box. and user is asking me to configure a printer. any how I have configure the printer, but still it is not working. I have give some output. if you can help me to resolve the issue, it will be helpful for me...

Thanks in advance...

lpc> status ogsales
printer is on device 'socket' speed -1
queuing is enabled
printing is disabled
no entries
daemon present
# lpc enable ogsales
enable is not implemented by the CUPS version of lpc.
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Re: Network printer problem...

Which distribution of Linux are you using? (RedHat, SuSE, Debian, other?)
By the error message, it is obviously using the CUPS printing system.

Look into /var/log and find the CUPS error logs. (for example: /var/log/cups/error_log, but may be named differently)

The error messages might reveal the reason why the printer has become disabled. Find and fix the root cause: if you just enable the printer, the printing system will retry for a while and then disable the printer again.

To enable the printer, the command "lpc enable ogsales" is wrong: the correct command is "enable ogsales" or "cupsenable ogsales" depending on distribution and CUPS version.

CUPS has a web GUI, which can typically be reached by using the URL http://localhost:631 on the host that is running the printing system. To access the web GUI from other hosts, you'll usually have to add some Allow directives to /etc/cups/cupsd.conf file and restart cupsd. The configuration file syntax is very similar to the configuration of the Apache web server.