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New HP-UX install on a HP Integrity BL860c blade

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New HP-UX install on a HP Integrity BL860c blade



We have a BL860c blade that currently has the following versions of software installed.


HPUX11i-VSE-OE                      B.11.31.1009

IUX-Recovery                             C.7.11.439     Ignite-UX network recovery tool subset
Ignite-UX-11-23                       C.7.11.439     HP-UX Installation Utilities for Installing 11.23 Systems
Ignite-UX-11-31                       C.7.11.439     HP-UX Installation Utilities for Installing 11.31 Systems


I normally just apply the security patches to the server but I have an opertunity at the moment to start from scratch installing HP-UX on the server. The only problem is that I have never done something like this. I have cloned new virtual servers from existing Ignite images before but would like to do a brand new install. I do have an Ignite image of the server that I can restore from if things do go wrong.


I guess I have two big questions at the moment. One, what do I need to download from the HP depot to be able to do this and secondly, is there any documentation out there that will help me with the install procedure.


From what I can see right now is that I need HP-UX 11i v3 Virtual Server OE (BA929ACE) and HP-UX 11i v3 VSE-OE (BA929AA) .


Any help / guidence will be greatly appreciated.





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Bill Hassell
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Re: New HP-UX install on a HP Integrity BL860c blade

You need the 11.31 .iso image which you'll find at the HP Support Center:

You'll have to login with your HP Passport account which must be linked with your Support Agreement ID (SAID) that entitles you to access the .iso images. Once you login, click on the right-hand menu choice: Software Updates and Licensing and you'll be able to see what you are allowed to download.


With the .iso images (one is 7 GB and the other is 4GB), you'll need to burn the two images onto DVDs, the first must be double density to accomodate the .iso image. If you have a compatible DVD player that you can hook to the blade, just boot from the DVD and follow the menus. It shouldn't take much more than 2-3 hours to complete (DVD players are slow) and you'll have to watch for the change-disc message.


But I wouldn't bother wasting all that time. You can either update to the latest version using the 3 patch bundles and play with update-ux by copying the .iso images to your HP-UX disk and pointing the update-ux program to the mounted .iso images.


My preference is to install the 3 patch bundles in this order:



HWE (Hardware Enablement) - you'll have to download the Mar 2014 HWE

QPK (Quality Pack)


These are located from the main menu (right side) at Patch Management.

Under the heading: Find standard patch bundles, select HP-UX then the top item: March '15

The March 2015 release just came out yesterday.


There are README files for each bundle.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: New HP-UX install on a HP Integrity BL860c blade



Thanks for the information. I know I have the option to apply patch bundles but I want to go through an intial install because I have never done one and we are might be getting two new blades so that we can do a live migrate of a VM from one blade to the other.


I downloaded the following two ISO images and instead of burning them to DVD's, I thought of mounting them as /vsoe_d1 and /vsoe_d2 on our ignite server. Going to play around with that and see if I get it to work.


8261984256 Mar 19 08:36 HP_UX_11i_v3_VSE_OE_Core_1_2_BA929-10018.iso
4523208704 Mar 19 08:51 HP_UX_11i_v3_VSE_OE_Core_2_2_BA929-10019.iso


As we moved this blade to a different enclosure I still have some connection issues to resolve between the blade and the enclosure.


Thanks for all the help with getting me started on this.

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Re: New HP-UX install on a HP Integrity BL860c blade

With a current hp-ux 11.31 you can mount the ISOs.


Then use ignite to copy the DVDs into a depot. Then setup "lanboot" from clients EFI shell in order to boot and install the client from the ignite server.

Hope this helps!

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