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New LUN is not visible on the v-par

Occasional Advisor

New LUN is not visible on the v-par

Hello Team ,
I am facing one problem with V-par. SAN team has assigned one LUN which is not visible on th server. Server os - B.11.31 U ia64

Also I am getting one error in syslog :-
======================= ===================
vmunix: Evpd inquiry page 83h/80h failed or the current page 83h/80h data do not match the previous known pa
ge 83h/80h data on LUN id 0x0 probed beneath the target path (class = tgtpath, instance = 5) The lun path is (class = lunpath, insta
nce 39).Run 'scsimgr replace_wwid' command to validate the change

Can anyone suggest about the problem. .
Honored Contributor

Re: New LUN is not visible on the v-par

Do a refresh first, then do ioscan.

scsimgr -refresh_paths all

If that is not made any difference, use the following command and match the WWN id with the newly allocated disks. You may be able to figure out what is the problem.

scsimgr -sh /dev/disk/dsk*