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Nickel Report

Regular Advisor

Nickel Report

How to generate nickel report in hpux?

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Nickel Report


Suggestion: RTFM


There is documentation in there.

Steven E Protter
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Jestin John Chacko
Regular Advisor

Re: Nickel Report

Dear Panks,

Get the nickel script from the recommended sites
then follow these steps

ftp nickel to the server, any directory e.g. /tmp.

Steps to ftp nickel from PC to server,
a. In Start-Programs, open MS-DOS prompt, cd \
b. ftp hostname, or ftp IP_address, login as root.
c. ftp> cd /tmp
d. ftp> bin
e. ftp> put nickel
f. ftp> bye

3. in the server, # cd /tmp
5. # chmod 755 nickel
6. # ./nickel ( run this command )
7. A file nickel..tar.gz will be created in present working directory i.e /tmp ==> e.g /tmp/nickel.hostname.tar.gz

to take it back

1. In Start-Programs, open MS-DOS promtp, cd \
2. ftp hostname, or ftp IP_address, login as root.
3. ftp> cd /tmp
4. ftp> bin
5. ftp> get nickel.hostname.tar.gz
6. ftp> bye
R.K. #
Honored Contributor

Re: Nickel Report

Hi All,

I have read in few threads that Nickel script uses a lot of resources, so it is NOT very advisable to run the script.
Is that correct?

Don't fix what ain't broke
Suraj K Sankari
Honored Contributor

Re: Nickel Report


Download this attached file into /tmp then run it at
#cd tmp
#sh nickel.sh
it will create a nickel script then run
then find the nickel_hostname_tar_gz.zip file