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Not able to view the "Tools" and "Tasks" options in SMH in HP-UX 11.23 PARISC

Sutapa Dey
Frequent Advisor

Not able to view the "Tools" and "Tasks" options in SMH in HP-UX 11.23 PARISC

Hi Gurus,

I have successfully configured the HP SMH homepage but am not able to get the links for "Tools" or "Tasks" which helps us to create the LVMs and partitions etc.
I am only able to view Settings -> Credits and Security.
One more problem is that the homepage or any other page in the SMH, shows me "A timeout error while loading data". Also when I check the smh.log I get the following:
ERROR LOG (severity=2) Wed Jun 17 17:17:06 2009
UI Timeout (limit: 20s) -- Nav Load Time: 62s [breakdown: sgmgr(HP Serviceguard Manager): 60s || slview(Event Viewer): 0s || fs(HP Disks and File Sy
stems Tool): 0s || kc(HP Kernel Configuration Tool): 1s || pd(HP Peripheral Device Tool): 0s || evweb(EVWEB): 0s || secweb(HP Security Attributes Con
figuration): 0s || logviewer(SAM Log Viewer): 0s || comppage-MPInfo(HPUX Component Page): 0s || comppage(HPUX Component Page): 0s || xlaunch(HPUX Sys
tem Management HomePage): 1s || ugweb(HP-UX Accounts Management Tool): 0s || parmgr(Partition Manager): 0s || clog(System Log Viewer): 0s || elm(back
wards compatibility): 0s]

Please let me know if there is some configuration I need to enable.