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Not all tape drives are seen by RH5.3

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Not all tape drives are seen by RH5.3


on one BL680c g5 a 2.6.9-67.ELlargesmp x86_64 kernel is running. There is an EVA and EML library connected. EML have 8 drives and a changer, all is mapped in secure manager with this host, and zonning is correctly configured. 2 tape drives and the changer is not seen by driver/OS, but it is seen by scli. The changer is not a problem, I do not need on this server.

# lssg
sg0 0,0,0,0 HP HSV210 6110
sg1 0,0,0,1 HP HSV210 6110
sg2 0,0,1,0 HP HSV210 6110
sg3 0,0,2,0 HP HSV210 6110
sg4 0,0,3,0 HP HSV210 6110
sg5 1,0,0,0 HP HSV210 6110
sg6 1,0,2,0 HP HSV210 6110
sg7 1,0,4,0 HP HSV210 6110
sg8 1,0,6,0 HP HSV210 6110
sg9 1,0,9,1 HP Ultrium 3-SCSI L6CS
sg10 0,0,4,1 HP Ultrium 3-SCSI L6CS
sg11 0,0,5,1 HP Ultrium 3-SCSI L6CS
sg12 0,0,5,2 HP Ultrium 3-SCSI L6CS
sg13 0,0,4,0 HP Ultrium 3-SCSI L6CS
sg14 1,0,8,1 HP Ultrium 3-SCSI L6CS

the drives on paths 1,0,8,0 & 1,0,9,0 and the changer on 0,0,5,0 are not shown.

# cat /proc/scsi/qla2xxx/1
QLogic PCI to Fibre Channel Host Adapter for QMH2462:
Firmware version 4.00.23 [IP] , Driver version
ISP: ISP2432
Request Queue = 0xff4c00000, Response Queue = 0xff4c80000
Request Queue count = 4096, Response Queue count = 512
Total number of active commands = 0
Total number of interrupts = 686830
Device queue depth = 0x10
Number of free request entries = 2009
Number of mailbox timeouts = 0
Number of ISP aborts = 0
Number of loop resyncs = 0
Number of retries for empty slots = 0
Number of reqs in pending_q= 0, retry_q= 0, done_q= 0, scsi_retry_q= 0
Number of reqs in failover_q= 0
Host adapter:loop state = , flags = 0x1e43
Dpc flags = 0x4000000
MBX flags = 0x0
Link down Timeout = 008
Port down retry = 030
Login retry count = 030
Commands retried with dropped frame(s) = 0
Product ID = 0000 0000 0000 0000

SCSI Device Information:

FC Port Information:

SCSI LUN Information:
(Id:Lun) * - indicates lun is not registered with the OS.
( 0: 0): Total reqs 218, Pending reqs 0, flags 0x0, 1:0:81 0c
( 2: 0): Total reqs 218, Pending reqs 0, flags 0x0, 1:0:82 0c
( 4: 0): Total reqs 218, Pending reqs 0, flags 0x0, 1:0:83 0c
( 6: 0): Total reqs 218, Pending reqs 0, flags 0x0, 1:0:84 0c
( 8: 1): Total reqs 89, Pending reqs 0, flags 0x0, 1:0:85 01
( 9: 1): Total reqs 105, Pending reqs 0, flags 0x0, 1:0:86 01

# grep "" /sys/module/scsi_mod/*

On a different redhat releases it is working fine with similar configuration.

Any ideas what can be wrong here?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Not all tape drives are seen by RH5.3


You need updated drivers for this hardware. In the future you will need to make sure the drivers exist before doing a future upgrade.

You may wish to open a response center call over this issue.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: Not all tape drives are seen by RH5.3

Sorry, the OS is not RH5.3, but RH 4u6
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Not all tape drives are seen by RH5.3

Recently, I had problems discovering tape devices on a linux system because the tapes were in use and a SCSI reservation set on them.

If you can, run the hp_rescan -a command when the tapes are not in use.
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