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Nrpe installation on HP-UX

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Nrpe installation on HP-UX

Hello Everybody,

Nrpe client is needed by Nagios Monitoring Server.I want to know is there any way to put nrpe client on HP-UX severs and make it working.Has anybody done this.Please let me know ASAP.


Ralph Grothe
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Re: Nrpe installation on HP-UX

Hi Kaps,

I have installed nrpe on most of our HP-UX servers.
Just download the source tarball from the nagios website
If you have a compiler for your hpux target platform the compile is pretty straight forward.
It can get a bit hairy if you have to or decide to compile with SSL support because then your OpenSSL libraries' ABI must match with the object code your compiler can produce.
However, if you don't have the additional security requirement of SSL tunneling of your nrpe checks (maybe because both your NRPE hosts as well as your Nagios server reside in a shielded LAN) then I would suggest to make without SSL support.
In the nrpe build directory run ./configure --help to see the required option to dis/enable SSL.
What the make should mainly produce is the nrpe daemon and the check_nrpe binary.
The installation is as easy as deciding whether to run nrpe stand-alone or inetd spawned (the common method), and manually copying nrpe, check_nrpe and nrpe.cfg in some appropiate place.
The README in the extracted build directory tells exactly what is required.
Having configured inetd correctly
make it reload its conf (/usr/sbin/inetd -c)
and look for the nrpe listening socket
(netstat -an|awk '$4~/\.5666$/&&$NF~/LISTEN/')

Probably does nrpe.cfg require editing to define check commands that make sense under hpux.
But you can start with something general like check_load which should work on any Unix.
Always start testing locally with your hpux compiled check_nrpe -H -c ...
before trying from your Nagios server.
Watch for possible tcpwrapper that could hamper.
During the testing phase I found it helpful to set debug=1 in nrpe.cfg and make inetd run in non-name-resolving, extended logging mode
(/usr/sbin/ientd -s)
and whatch for nrpe entries in syslog.log if something isn't working as expected.

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Ritika Laddha
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Re: Nrpe installation on HP-UX

I need to configure a HP-UNIX server to be monitored by Nagios.
Could you please list the artifacts and steps to install them ?
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Re: Nrpe installation on HP-UX


CHeck below link,

Hope, it will help you.

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Re: Nrpe installation on HP-UX

Please check the nagios docs for the configuration of NRPE client on HP-UX.
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Re: Nrpe installation on HP-UX

Hello Kaps,

Could you please give us a detailed installation steps to install nrpe on Hpux 11.11 , Thanks a lot in advance!