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OCR error in user log

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Heathe Kyle Yeakley
Occasional Contributor

OCR error in user log

Hello, I have a system that generates the following error messages about every 5 seconds 24 hours a day:

Aug 22 12:26:08 syslog: OCR initialization failed accessing OCR device: PROC-26: Error while accessing the physical storage Operating System error [No such file or directory] [2]

I do not believe this is a break-in attempt or anything malicious. I think someone tried to install some hardware and did not configure it properly.

Does anyone know how I can find the source of this error and fix it?
Kasper Haitsma
Trusted Contributor

Re: OCR error in user log


OCR can mean several things:
- Optical Character Recognition
- Oracle Configuration Repository

I guess it is the Oracle one, but that's just a guess.

The error seen, Operating System error[2], means:

- file not found.

So the process tries to access some physical storage, but cannot find it (anymore).

Hope this helps
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