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ONC Plus and HP-UX 11.31

Sagar Sirdesai
Trusted Contributor

ONC Plus and HP-UX 11.31

Hi All,
I have a prod box and a DR box running 11.31 OS.
I have created a local directory /view_hs and shared it on both the servers.

When I run the command "printfh localhost /view_hs" on the both the servers this command returns a value.

Recently I upgraed the ONC Plus Package on the DR Node to ONCplus B.11.31.08 ONC+ 2.3.
The package installation was successful .
But now the printfh localhost /view_hs does not retrun any valoe on the DR node.

Fron printfh log file I see an message as below
printfh::nfsMount printfh.cxx-117 cannot get handle of localhost:/views_hs, errno=13(Permission denied)

Please suggest what could be the issue here


Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: ONC Plus and HP-UX 11.31

Not really sure what printfh is ?

maybe too much irrelevant information ?

on the client server
bdf -t nfs

Is the needed file system mounted ?

If it has an entry in /etc/fstab then
mount /the_nfs_dir

error ?
if permission denied then review the configuration on the nfs server e.g. /etc/dfs/dfstab

Sagar Sirdesai
Trusted Contributor

Re: ONC Plus and HP-UX 11.31

HI Tim,
Thanks for the reply,

The /view_hs is a directopry which is shared and not mounted.
The application needs this directory to be shared and not mounted.

Everything was working fine untill I upgraded the ONC plus from B.11.31.05 to B.11.31.08.

I am not sure what could be reason.