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Re: OS related


OS related

What are the main differences between hp-ux 11iv3 and 11iv2 OS?
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Re: OS related

Just look at the Release Notes What's New for 11.31.
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Re: OS related


As Dennis already mentioned, check the release notes for HP-UX 11.31 (page 9 and onwards):

Keep in mind that als new features and of course fixes are introduced with each "update version" of HP-UX (currently at HP-UX 11.31 update 9), so also have a look at the document below (page 15 and onwards):

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Re: OS related

Woops, little typo...

I meant update 7 instead of 9 of course!
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Re: OS related

Lots of differentce but the big one is Disk multipathing with agile device files and LVMv3.

ALthough each release of 11iv3 and 11iv2 every 6 months will have some new features that get slipped in that you can find only in the release notes. This means that 11iv3 from 2008 will be very different from 11iv3 from 2011. Quite many new features get added in these 6 month releases.

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Re: OS related

11.31 supports LVM version 2 and LVM version 3. Agile device files. OS inbuilt multipath support for LUNs etc...

Refer relase notes of whats new in 11.31

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