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OS upgrade from 11.31 march 2009 to Sept 2010

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OS upgrade from 11.31 march 2009 to Sept 2010

Hi Team,


We have a BL 860c server installed with HP-UX 11.31 (March 2009).We want to upgrade the OS to V3 September 2010.


We have the ignite image of the 11.31 sep 2010.I am planning to use update-UX for upgrading .Please any one has done this ?Any issues faced and any pre-cautions we have to take.Also pls give me the update-UX command.



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Re: OS upgrade from 11.31 march 2009 to Sept 2010

Just in case make sure you have a good backup.


Install the update-ux product from the new DVD, then run it.

Hope this helps!

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Re: OS upgrade from 11.31 march 2009 to Sept 2010



You can do this on 11.31 with very little downtime.


Download and install DRD from If you use VxVM for volume management you will need the March 2011 VxVM patches. Probably clean and green on LVM.


Then if you have a mirrored or spare boot disk.


drd clone -t /dev/disk/disk27 -x overwrite-true.


If this succeeds you an run the next command.


/opt/drd/bin/drd runcmd update-ux -s nfshost:${COREDEPOT}


nfshost is the host name of an nfsserver which hols an swcopy of the Core OS depot in this case you want September 2010


After completion:

drd runcmd swlist -l bundle | grep OE


This will show you the 1009 OE installed on the DRD clone. Up to now no down time.


currently swconfig can not run against a DRD clone. So you have to activate your clone and boot the system off the clone. But you have saved several hours of downtime.

# /opt/drd/bin/drd activate -x alternate_bootdisk=/dev/disk/disk27


Then you boot.


Now you need to wait through a long swconfig fileset configuration.


Now to be up to date you need to isntall the latest QPK patch update. This should include the latest Feature and HWE hardware enablement.


The September 2010 OE breaks vgscan functionality. You will want to include an LVM update in the QPK installation.


I've developed a scripted process for all of this and am happy to share further thoughts on this process.


It may seem complex, but with DRD you can minimize downtime.




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Re: OS upgrade from 11.31 march 2009 to Sept 2010



We have got the golden image for Sep 2010 OS image.The current node is having 3 IVMs running on top of it.I have added another node which is installed with Sep 2010 to the cluster.Then the IVM s will configured on that node and before the upgrade the IVMs will be  moved to the new node.


I am planning to run update-ux directly (As I am not comfortable with DRD) .Once the upgrade is completed, will be installing installing the March 2011 QPK.


Please let me know whether I have to install any other applications after the upgrade ?Whether all the settings will be retained after the upgrade.