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Odd parstatus output

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David Ledger_2
Occasional Contributor

Odd parstatus output

The parstatus o/p on a includes

CPU Memory Use
OK/ (GB) Core On
Hardware Actual Deconf/ OK/ Cell Next Par
Location Usage Max Deconf Connected To Capable Boot Num
========== ============ ======= ========= =================== ======= =======
cab0,cell0 Active Core 0/0/4 16.0/0.0 cab0,bay1,chassis3 yes yes 0
cab0,cell1 Active Base 0/0/4 16.0/0.0 - no yes 4
cab0,cell2 Active Base 0/0/4 16.0/0.0 cab0,bay0,chassis1 yes yes 0
cab0,cell3 Active Base 0/0/4 16.0/0.0 - no yes 4
cab0,cell4 Active Core 0/0/4 16.0/0.0 cab0,bay1,chassis1 yes yes 4
cab0,cell5 Active Base 0/0/4 16.0/0.0 - no yes 4
through to
cab1,cell6 Active Base 0/0/4 16.0/0.0 cab1,bay0,chassis3 yes yes 3
cab1,cell7 Active Base 0/0/4 16.0/0.0 - no yes 3
(16 lines - all equivalent)

Anyone any idea why the number of CPUs OK plus Deconf is zero ?

The system has ICOD/ICAP and panics when it tries to add an extra CPU.
My guess is that something is giving a zero CPU count to both parstatus and ICAP. parstatus just reports it but ICAP can't handle that.

Something is giving bad information.


Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Odd parstatus output

Hi David,

this is IMHO related to WBEM and the providers. Need patches?


Hope this helps!

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sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Odd parstatus output


please post

#uname -a
#swlist -l product
#parstatus -w
#parstatus -C 0/0

and if possible

from the MP


and also

#icod_stat -v
#icod_stat -u

May be Firmware and Updated patch Bundles are reqd.


David Ledger_2
Occasional Contributor

Re: Odd parstatus output


Unfortunately I don't have direct access to the box, but I will obtain these if patches don't fix the problem.


WBEM raises its head again. It has in a couple of other problems I've been asked to look into. Is it generally problematic?