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Michelle Gordon_1
Occasional Contributor


Not experianced at Omniback please advise in detail.

A backup consisting of 13 file systems takes 4hrs to backup with Omniback and 10hrs to restore, why do we have such a difference in time? Plus what can we do to reduce the restoration time?

Thank you.
Trevor Dyson
Trusted Contributor

Re: Omniback

Hi Michele,

Need to the following before I can help:

Version of Omniback
What platform is the Omniback cell server (Unix or NT)
What clients are being backed up
What types of filesystems are being backed up
What type of tape drives are you using
Are the tape drives on the same system as the data being backed up or does the data go over the network.

You may get more people interested in helping by posting Omniback questions to the Openview applications forum. Here is a link:,1147,163,00.html

Regards, Trevor
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Dan Zucker
Regular Advisor

Re: Omniback

Please add the type of disks you are using and if they are in RAID0-5? How many disks are on a SCSI and what type of SCSI and disks.

Many writes to disks are slower than read. I have had worse results when restoring to a RAID5.

Ed Ulfers
Frequent Advisor

Re: Omniback

Hi Michelle,

We have experienced the same thing when using Omniback defaults. When we increased the tape blocking parameters (set on the backup device) our restore acts more normal now.
Hope this helps.
-- Ed
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Carlo Henrico_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Omniback

How much data are we talking about here?

One thing to keep in mind is to set the Device options concurrency. Depending on the amount of data, even 4 hours for 13 filesystems may be very long.

Eg: if the concurrency is only '1' the tape starts running and as soon as the writing is finished, it slows down, stops and waits for the next data and having overrun needs to rewind to the correct position before writing again. Setting the concurrecy to say '4', four 'backups' run cocurrently resulting in the tape not slowing down/stopping and as a result the whole job running much faster.

I have not found this functionality in Backup-Exec yet however my Omniback and my Backup-exec Backup-Exec backup similar amounts of data, Omniback doing it in 1/12 of the time Backup-Exec does it.

I (un)fortunately have not had to restore masses of data and am therefor not sure if similar options work for restoring.

Good luck.

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Carlo Henrico_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Omniback

P.S. I think that is where the parallel restore option comes into play...

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