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Online JFS

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David Willams
Super Advisor

Online JFS

How do I install Online JFS 11.31 on Itanium

are the steps same

1. insert Application software DVD in system
2. run "swinstall" command
3. Select Source Depot Type:Local CDROM>press OK
4. Actions>Add New Codeword > give code word
5. Select product number and install.

Where do i get the code word

Also from where can I install Mirrior UX... Do I need a code for this as well
melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: Online JFS

You get the codeword when you purchase the software.
and unless you have 11.31 OE higher thane Base, you must purchase that as well
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James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Online JFS


You can get your codeword online via:

OnlineJFS and MirrorDisk/UX require a codeword to unlock the product from the Application DVD unless you have purchased the VSE-OE, HA-OE or DC-OE products in which case they are already installed.