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Oracle stop development on itanium

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Oracle stop development on itanium

Hi all,
Oracle has announced that they will stop development for itanium:

So anyone knows the HP's strategy?
Any porting plan for hp-ux?
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

i think everbody is shocked or gone out for a new job :)

i wonder what hp will do in their unix market although itanium and hp-ux roadmap has been published ?
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

I don't think that hp will port hp-ux. It will take too much time (while Solaris is already ported) and Xeon has no RAS features as in Itanium. So... The situation is not good for Itanium and hp-ux, i think.

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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

This was kinda-sorta expected, after Ellison took control of a hardware platform like Sun and invested heavily in Linux open source, marketing a derivative of RHEL under Oracle licensing.

On the other hand, if you look at the picture financially, Integrity servers are not selling like hotcakes. And as far as the currently manufactured hardware goes, HPUX runs only on Integrity. So, Oracle, has no incentive to develop their software for a customer base which is already shrinking.

I am waiting for the end-of-life announcement for HP-UX any day now. There hasn't been much innovation on the OS side since 11.11 other than some superfluous additions that I can live without or some hardware dependent changes to accommodate ia64 architecture. The way the things are going, our beloved HP-UX will not be around much longer either, which reinforces Oracle's decision, not to develop for Integrity.

Is anyone really surprised ? I personally am not...
UNIX because I majored in cryptology...
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

HP-UX - The Last Itanic Man Standing!

So the 3 Bllion$ Intel "play" -- after all is said and done - could still be break even for HP.

So what remains on Itanium - VMS, Tandem/Himalaya. I am pretty sure though even the i2 Itanic systems will be around for the next 4 to 8 years.

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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

My take is HP ports the OS or it dies.

Oracle is doing this in hopes of driving business to SPARC and Oracle Linux.

The current xeon offering from Intel have more and more Itanium 2 features.

I believe it would be technically possible for HP to make the move, though they clearly do not want to.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

I hope on a fast official statement from HP.
It will be very important for further strategy (without oracle support > No Itanium Server > No HP-UX)
I thing many customers will stop or wait their order?!
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

It's quite interesting if Intel is going to do some "counterstrike". As far as i can see, customers are buying Itaniums for Oracle DB in most cases, so Oracle's démarche hits Intel too.
Anyway, the situation with hp-ux and Itanium became very interesting now. I've already prepared a popcorn bundle :)
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium


the In the early 1990's Gartner et al. declared VMS "gone within 5 years".
And (consequently?) DEC/Compaq/HP did their best to make that prophesy self-fullfilling.
Anyone recall ANY VMS marketing since then?

After the "Alphacide" of 2001 Engineering made a MAGNIFICENT effort to port to the (then) Merced, and they got it going. Within hardly 5 years AFTER killing off Alpha, some (now named) Itanium systems reached the point where they matched __5 YEARS OLDER__ Alpha systems.

... and VMS is still amongst us.

If past results have any predictive power, AND HPUX client base is as resilient as that of VMS,
then it may be a bit early for dispair.

But I fully agree, it IS a bad sign.

By the way, does anybody have any info about Rdb/DBMS/(native)Oracle on OpenVMS-on-Itanium?

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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

Oracle said yesterday "... Intel management made it clear that their strategic focus is on their x86 microprocessor and that Itanium was nearing the end of its life."

But Intel answers today:

see also

IMHO "Itanium" in this case means HP-UX only.

There are many comments on the web about the HP-Oracle relationship, for example:

Hope this helps!

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