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Oracle stop development on itanium

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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

tungnt, have you also considered DB2 or EnterprisDB ?

Why we are really reluctant to run Oracle on other hardware : We now use Secure Resource Partitions, which (until Oracle also changes that) allows us to have to run and monitor only 1 hardware, while only paying licenses for the size of the Resource Partition. (Don't begin asking why Oracle allows this technogy, while VMWare and RedHat virtualization is NOT allowed ...).
So, I now only need 2 Enterprise edition licenses on a 2-ndde cluster with 1-socket quad cores.
Switching to AIX will be an expensive move, and a complete new technology for us, but Oracle licensing will be about the same.
Swithcing to non-Oracle linux (which we already have, including clustering and vitrualization) leaves us with a least quad core processors without any allowed option to limit the database CPU resources, so we will end up with having to buy 2 additional Entrprise licenses, inclding 2 additional RAC licenses -> No thanks.
Switching to Oracle linux will bring us new clustering en virtualization technologies to learn jst to be able to limiot the licensing to what we need and now have. And it will also put us completely in the hans of Oracle -> No thanks.

So if Oracle stops with software on HP-UX, there is no option for us than to stop with Oracle.
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium


And yes I see this all over the net as someone pointed out....

"This will change in early Q2 when EnterpriseDB introduces full support for the HP-UX platform via our Postgres Plus Advanced Server."

So it looks like they are averse to the Itanium "away bandwagon".

"If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade".

Ismail Azad
Read, read and read... Then read again until you read "between the lines".....
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

@Andrey C wrote:

"My experience show me that Linux is still difficult for using and have not enough quality documentations. For example, typically business task. I want dynamically to add the disk drive into system. "

What's difficult with scanning the FC/SCSI Bus? After the scan - you will have your multipath device pronto -- no additional step...

The kernel/multipath configuration you only do once on first presentation (Think if it as configuraring multipath settings -- you do not need to do this everytime you present new LUNs sir!).. The other 2 commands -- multipath and multipath -ll -- are just VERIFICATORY commands sir just like listing all your disks in other UNICes... and custom naming disk devices? see my illustration several posts up sir...

Hakuna Matata.
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium


To understand and learn this procedure for HP-UX you should read only the one manual about ioscan. It is easy.
When you want to do similar for the Linux you should read the some manual from different vendors.
For the Linux you need to read about multipath-tools, Qlogic or Emulex driver and about scanning devices. There is not one quality manual. You must search information in the different sources.
It is necessary more time and efforts.


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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

Linux I/O Stack including multipathing (native), storage management (volume manager and filesystems) -- are CONSIDERABLY easier and simpler comrade Sergey.

HP-UX for instance (11.31). ioscan and scsimgr and fcmsutil(fcdutil) - how does it compare to the very easy to learn and be familiar with multipathd and the scsi stack on Linux?

Ditto with the uber-complex Solaris stack -- devfsadm, cfgadm, luxadm...

But to each his own I guess.
Hakuna Matata.
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

As Wim Rombauts said, many of us have written to the Oracle address highlighting the unreliable direction of Oracle. Some months back, to promote OEL, it was mentioned that RHEL is four years back and OEL is fast, then comes the Itanium processor license form factor increased from 0.5 to 1, which to me is an indication that Oracle consider Itanium processors are powerful now and now withdrawal of development, when both Intel and HP have shown their strategy for the next two generations, Paulson and Kittson and both contradicting Oracle claims.

It looks like Oracle is more aware about Intel & HP strategy and it is like other vendors saying that Oracle will not develop next version of Database and stopping support on their own, when Oracle themselves are having a roadmap.

It is funny to see Oracle strategy is revolving around Redhat and Microsoft withdrawing Itanium support and using these as the reason for their decisions.

As Wim said, I will opt out of Oracle due to this unreliable and arrogant attitude rather than moving out of Itanium Platform.

All customers are taken for a ride by Oracle and not sure what is next in store for Oracle customers.
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

here is a survey i recently found:〈=en
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

We already have the Itanium Blade Servers running hpux-11.31 in place and installed Oracle Database 10g. Our tests indicates that processes are extremely much faster than our PA-RISC processors running Oracle Database 10g. Here is our solution, instead of changing our hardware platform, we are pushing into changing the Database to DB2 instead, and get out of selfish arrogant attitude of Oracle. Hope everyone out there wakes up.
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

Recent comment about Itanium from Intel's Senior VP and General Manager Thomas M Kilroy.

The Xeon E7's performance surpassing Intel's Itanium processor , alsoaimed at high end servers, has raised questions about whether it will replace the Itanium.

"The E7 platform's stepped ahead in some cases but Itanium has its own ecosystem. There are mission-critical usages of the Itanium all across the globe. So if you look at stock exchanges, they may be running on Itanium. We are very much committed to Itanium. Even though the volumes are small, it is steady and a very important customer base. We can't confuse strategic importance to volume," says Kilroy.
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

Here is the HP-UX 11i v3 Update 8' releas notes :

Some products related to oracle removed from the OEs.

â ¢ HP Serviceguard Extension for Oracle E-Business Suite (T2260AA): For the March 2011 release, this product has been removed from the OEs. In September 2010, it was added to the OEs in error. See HP Serviceguard Extension for Oracle E-business Suite B.01.00 Release Notes at
â ¢ HP Serviceguard Toolkit for Oracle Data Guard (T2259AA): For the March 2011 release, this product has been removed from the OEs. In September 2010, it was added to the OEs in error. See HP Serviceguard Toolkit for Oracle Data Guard B.01.00 Release Notes at http://