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Oracle stop development on itanium

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Wim Rombauts
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

And for those who seek to spam Oracle, I found a mail address on an HP note about Oracl's decision :

I found the link to this document on the HP-site in another thread about this issue, but I failed to find the thread now.

I have sent my mail already, and I tomd them that the way Oracle is behaving, I would rather split with Oracle than dropping HP-UX.
And mailing other Oracle contacts is a good idea too.
So if you feel for yourself thatyou have to complain ...
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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

Ever since the million TPC X86 non-clustered results came out in 2009 - I have always anticipated a paradigm shift in Enterprise IT deployments. And that was our sign. Oracle Databases were the easiest to move and constitute the biggest chunk of our IT infrastructure - and so started our UNIX away adventure. Quad Socket (4 to 8 core) Systems and LINUX (or Solaris) simply beat out their RISC (Itanium and POWER) cousins on all aspects of TCO as well as newfound RAS.

Our UNIX-Away Project is almost complete - having moved about 80 TB of Oracle Databases from HP-UX to RHEL 5.X. The journey was smoothept lately when we moved to 11GR2 - but the issues was fixed practically quickly with help from Redhat Support (not from Oracle though). The result, lower licensing costs, smaller IT footprints (lower power and cooling reqs.).

What's killing Big UNIX and RISC/CISC platforms? LINUX my friends and the X86-64 platform that has made immense improvements over the last 3 years - that desite what others may say - RAS matches or even exceeds already their expensive RISC/CISC cousins! And it is LOWERING the cost of IT, seeding the CLOUD! And with Virtualization technologies like VMWARE, KVM and vBOX -- which adds HA cream and icing to the RAS features of such famed X86-64 platforms as the Prolaint DL DL 5,8,9XX, DELL R710 and IBM X5 Series and matching Blades from HP, IBM and CISCO - IT is no longer a no-brainer, no longer complex,, much more adaptive and on-demand. And most important of all - need not be costly administered by overpaid UNIX-centric Admins. ;*))

Really? Yes Really.

Let's give a round of applause to Dunnington, Nehalem. Opteron soon Bulldozer!

Hakuna Matata.

Re: Oracle stop development on itanium


Still Oracle though?

And there's the problem...

You see if Oracle finds this business practice works, you can bet they do it again... I doubt they would actually drop support for Oracle on Linux/x86, but I can forsee something like:

i) Increase Oracle core factor for x86 cores from 0.5 to 1.0

ii) If you want to run Oracle on anything other than Solaris/SPARC or OEL/x86 on Oracle Tin, then your support costs are 2x because "we don't control the stack"

The problem here isn't HP-UX/Itanium, it's uncle Larry's plan to turn Oracle into the pre-1980 IBM - i.e. a monopolistic, anti-competitive monster...

my opinions - not necessarily those of my employer...


I am an HPE Employee
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Tony Iams
New Member

Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

Getting interesting responses to the poll so far, keep them coming!

"Oracle on Linux" - not there?

I would consider that to be "Oracle on some other server platform (not Sun)"


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Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

I would like to say, that while I like Alzhy, and his help in the forums, and his excellent participation to date. I don't really agree with the last few sentences of his statement (two postings up). I've not met a lot of rich sysadmins(exactly none), and I don't believe it's non-complex, in fact with the sparse help available on some of these fronts and the smaller amount of system diagnostics on cheaper OSs and systems, it can often be even tougher to reach solutions when stuck.

These last few points remind me of how when we we're all going to object oriented code, how we'd all be using less complex, more robust, more reusable, cheaper and easier to maintain code for the masses, in which you'd hardly even need a programmer to do much of the coding much less have to fix any bugs, or anything else you can say bad about structured coding.

Anyway Alzhy, with some (but not all) of your last sentences, especially in tone, but also in message - I respectfully disagree.
No offense intended however, as I in general like and appreciate your contributions here, even if I don't always agree with them.
We are the people our parents warned us about --Jimmy Buffett
Hakki Aydin Ucar
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle stop development on itanium


Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

Oracle kicked HP beetwen legs, but this act will not diliver significant benefits to Oracle. Larry sawing a branch on which he seats with HP.
Now, it is good opportunity for for IBM, with their Power System, AIX, DB2.

When, Leo will buy SAP???
The SAP AG has own application suite with their Sybase RDMS.
Kenan Erdey
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle stop development on itanium


i mailed oracle and they responded with this link.

Computers have lots of memory but no imagination
Wim Rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle stop development on itanium

That's there default reply it seems, because I got the same one.

I responded with a statement that the way Oracle doubles Enterprise Edition Licensing cost (without technical relevance) and then kills a platform, we cannot see Oracle anymore as a software partner we can trust.

As others already have said : What's their next move ? What's our next surprise ?
I would rather put some effort in a solution with less surprise.