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Ovbackup failed.

Super Advisor

Ovbackup failed.

Hi all,

i have ovbackup.log and found some failed. could someone tell me how to fix this error?

======== Sun Aug 24 03:00:01 2008: BEGIN NNM Backup.
* Options:
Staging area = C:/Program Files/HP OpenView/tmp/ovbackup
Operational = 0
Analytical = 0
ovresume timeout = default
* Starting operational checkpoint step. (Sun Aug 24 03:01:21 2008)
Running pre_pause phase.
Running ovpause.
ERROR: ovpause did not succeed. ovpause output follows.
object manager name: netmon
PID: 5056
last message: Initialization complete.
exit status: -

Error pausing system!
Attempting to resume all HP OpenView services.

Processes can take up to 5 minutes each to resume.
You may use the '-c' or '-v' option in the future to display progress messages.
Current time is 8/24/2008 3:01:36 AM

hp openview process manager: Timeout trying to resume: netmon
object manager name: netmon
PID: 5056
last message: Initialization complete.
exit status: -

Some HP OpenView services failed to recover!

Pause attempt FAILED.
Use ovstatus to determine the state of each process.

* Starting analytical checkpoint step. (Sun Aug 24 03:06:36 2008)
Running script: nnm_checkpoint.ovpl.
ovresume timeout =: default
Starting backup of Data Warehouse data.
Starting ovdbcheck for Data Warehouse backup.
ERROR: Unable to start ovbdcheck.
Error output follows:
Connecting as user "ovdb" with password
Validate accessibility to "ovdbrun" database
Start embedded database if needed

Cannot start embedded database, ovdbrun already running

ERROR: Failure backing up NNM Data Warehouse.
ERROR: Script FAILED! nnm_checkpoint.ovpl
* Backup FAILED!

======== Sun Aug 24 03:06:38 2008: END NNM Backup.

thx and regards.