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PSP 8.25 and vmware server installed

Michael Marxmeier
Occasional Visitor

PSP 8.25 and vmware server installed

I think there is a bug in the /etc/init.d/hp-health start/stop script.

Function is_OS_VMware4x() claims to check for ESX 4.0. However, as far as i can see it simply checks for the vmware binary. This also triggers if a vmware server. At least it did that to me.

is_OS_VMware4x() {
test -x /usr/bin/vmware && is_26_kernel
return $?

As a result startup fails.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: PSP 8.25 and vmware server installed


You can try and install PSP 8.25 on a vmware system. Clearly this script has a test designed to not permit it to run on a vmware system.

Have you read the PSP 8.25 documentation? I have never seen the purpose in running this software in a vmware guest. Perhaps there is, and you could explain it to me.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Michael Marxmeier
Occasional Visitor

Re: PSP 8.25 and vmware server installed

Sorry if i have been unclear. This is not about installing psp on a vmware guest (which i understand is not useful). I updated a server system that also hosts a vmware server (but is not ESX).

This has worked with a previous psp version but turned out to be a problem with psp 8.25 until i disabled this check. With this check in place, the hpasm server does not start.

I found the following problems:

- The hp-health script mis-identifies a system as ESX based when it is not but a /usr/bin/vmware binary is present. This also applies if a "vmware server" product (previously "GSX") is installed.

- The script does load the IPMI drivers (as it finds them not necessary for this system, which is correct IMHO) yet tries to start the hpasmlited server which depends on them (instead of the hpasmxld server).
Philippe Laplanche
Occasional Visitor

Re: PSP 8.25 and vmware server installed

I have the same problem. I would be very happy to find a solution : hp-health init script fails when I setup VMWare server 2 on my proliant DL 380 with PSP 8.25