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PSP v7.90 CCISS driver kernel errata

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Mike Dooley
Occasional Visitor

PSP v7.90 CCISS driver kernel errata

Problem: The CCISS driver in PSP v7.90 is extremely picky with regards to the supported kernel.

I realize not all errata can be tested but in this case anything greater than 2.6.9-55 will force the new CCISS driver to not be installed.

The last time this happened I was able to boot to the -49 kernel and the install worked and there was an order of magnitude increase in the read/write speed. In this case the -49 kernel is not installed and I am reluctant to drop to the -34 kernel due to none issues with it.

Is there a way to force the v7.90 PSP to install on a -55.x.x kernel?

Thank you,
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: PSP v7.90 CCISS driver kernel errata

Shalom Mike,

You don't need the kernel that ships with the PSP package.

Much better to update to the latest kernel available via yum/upd2date.

cciss is built into the newer kernel. 55.9 is what you want if you use clustering.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Mike Dooley
Occasional Visitor

Re: PSP v7.90 CCISS driver kernel errata


Maybe I wasn't clear enough here. The problem is that PSP won't install the newest driver on the currently running kernel. The kernel is just barely newer than the 2.6.9-55 kernel and the hppldu log contains this entry:

Parsing of XML file for cpq_cciss-2.6.18-5.rhel4.i686.rpm component
However, this RPM component DOES NOT SUPPORT the currently installed errata kernel.
Installation of this component will not be attempted.

It is my belief that there will be no problems installing the updated driver and I am looking for a way to trick/force the PSP to install the driver. If that means that I install the RPM manually then so be it.

Jimmy Vance

Re: PSP v7.90 CCISS driver kernel errata

The cciss driver in the PSP is compiled agains specific kernel versions. There is no way to force the install.

HP sends the cciss code upstream and works with the distribution vendors so you should get the latest version for your distribution when you install an errata kernel.

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