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Dave Cast
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Do you need secure path (or something similar) for the setup of alternate paths to the same lun to work properly?
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James R. Ferguson
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Re: PVLinks

Hi Dave:

No. LVM provides a primary pvlink and up to 7 more alternate links, for a total of 8-pathes to one physical device, by default. Nothing additional is required.


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Re: PVLinks

HP StorageWorks Secure Path is a high-availability software product that manages and maintains continuous data access to the following StorageWorks storage systems on HP-UX:

HSG80 (only supported on Itanium on HP-UX 11i v2)
VA family
XP family

If you Storage Firmware is Active-Passive, then I would suggest you to have a Failover software to have high availability

11iv3 is having in-built multipathing sofware free of cost..
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Re: PVLinks

You could refer to

This might help you with your requirement
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Florian Heigl (new acc)
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Re: PVLinks

Only if the array is of the active/passive breed like EMC^2 Clariion / CX series. Those are *not* supported with PVlinks; many people will still just use them, but it's clearly stated in the docs.

If you do not run of those arrays, take a deep breath you'll have a happy life with PVLinks or the newer implementation coming with 11.31.

Note that Securepath also gives you sophisticated loadbalancing and thus might still be very well worth using!
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