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Re: PXE to rum HPSUM/conrep

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PXE to rum HPSUM/conrep


Is it possible, or even feasible, and then how-to to run hpsum/conrep from a PXE menu to set a HP server to known values.

We do this via RPM's from kickstart normally, but want to do this independently from a PXE menu option for ESX servers and what not ?

So boot up a box via initrd, then run a script to hook into a webserver, NFS share to get the desired FW/BIOS settings we want rather than SmartStart.

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Re: PXE to rum HPSUM/conrep

I do this daily... Grab the latest edition of the SmartStart Scripting Toolkit for Linux. I use it as the base for all my PXE boots. I use the toolkit initrd image to configure the hardware, and have added other boot options to the default PXE boot file for OS installs, Firmware CD, etc

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