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Password Issue HP-UX 11.31

Regular Advisor

Password Issue HP-UX 11.31



I have HP-UX 11.31 is not on trusted mode, i have many user on this system with complex password.

my problem i will explain it on the below example.


Ex) if the root password is hpux@1234567 i can login to the system by ssh with this password hpux@123 only.

where i don't receive any access denied message, that means i can login to hp-ux with 8 character even if your password more than 8 character.


How to resolve this issue without converting system to trusted mode ?



Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Password Issue HP-UX 11.31

I'm not sure you can.  By default the passwords are truncated to 8 chars.


SMSE with an addon will allow you to have long passwords:


Re: Password Issue HP-UX 11.31

Follow the procedure defined in the excel sheet attached. You will be able to use long passwords in non-trusted system.