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Password on HPUX11.00

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Password on HPUX11.00

i have a question about password security on hpux11.00.

The system is an trusted system, and i want change the restriction.

"Password must contain at least two alphabetic characters and
at least one numeric or special character."

I dont need numeric or special characters. Where can i adjust this option?

I dont find it in the SAM System Security Policies options.

thanks in advance...
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Re: Password on HPUX11.00

That option is for enhanced password security. Check the online manual for passwd
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Re: Password on HPUX11.00

I dont think you can in a trusted enviromnent, for enhanced security => the use of dictionaries to generate passwd for intrusion...
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Re: Password on HPUX11.00


I am curious why you don't want/need numbers or special characters?

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Re: Password on HPUX11.00

I do believe you can change it with the Trusted system command; modprpw

See the attached man page for getprpw and modprpw to change these password options.
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