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Patch software removal

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Patch software removal

Very basic question but once I have installed a patch can I then remove the relevant PHSS_xxxx, PHSS_xxxx.depot & PHSS_xxxx.text files?
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Re: Patch software removal

The source depot files? Yes, you can do this.

Hope this helps!

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Hakki Aydin Ucar
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Re: Patch software removal


I think following maybe useful:

Removing Patches at HP-UX 11.x
Patches, when installed, will save the original patched files to a special holding directory
under /var/adm/sw/save. The backup copies of the original files kept in this directory make
it possible to restore files to their pre-patched state. The command below rolls back patch
# swremove PHKL_1234
The only problem with the rollback capability is the disk space that it consumes. The /var
directory can quickly reach 100% of capacity if you are installing many patches. Once you are
convinced that a particular patch is working properly, you may want to recover the disk space
consumed by the backup copies of the original files in /var/adm/sw/save with the swmodify
# swmodify -x patch_commit=true PHKL_1234
Removing these files commits you to retaining the patch on the system.