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Peak disk utilization in HP performance manager

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Peak disk utilization in HP performance manager


Hello ,


  Can you please clarify my below doubt.



We are here using HP performance manager to check server performance issue of Linux server. When I checked in performance manger its found that peak disk utilization is 100% but during this time there is nothing running on the server and also iostat shows 0% utilization for all the disks.


But when I checked again in HP performance manager console, I found some disks are having 100% utilization but ironically those disks are not visible in iostat and also not in /dev directory. For example, in the HP performance report sdea, sdcg,sdce etc are all 100% utilized but not present in /dev or in iostat output and guess because of this over all server peak disk utilization is 100% and my be server is slow because of this.


We are using HP performance manger Version: 9.02.000 and OS RHEL6.3


Any suggestion will helpful for this. 

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Re: Peak disk utilization in HP performance manager

Hi ,

Pull sar report and check once.


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