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Perl woes on HP-UX PA 11.31

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Frequent Advisor

Perl woes on HP-UX PA 11.31


I am standing up a new server and using 11.31 instead of 11.23. All gone well so far until I started on the Perl modules and end up with :-

(Bundled) cc: warning 480: The -A option is available only with the C/ANSI C pro
duct; ignored.

I have GCC installed so wondered why it was picking up cc instead. Low and behold in /opt/perl/lib/5.8.8/PA-RISC1.1-thread-multi/Config.pm the default for CC has now been set :( Even if I try and overide the compiler with perl Makefile.PL CC=gcc it fails due to other options set in Config.pm.

Details of Perl and GCC :-

perl E.5.8.8.D
GNU_C_C++ 4.4.0

Any ideas on how I can overcome this ?
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Perl woes on HP-UX PA 11.31


> I have GCC installed so wondered why it was picking up cc instead.

That's because Perl knows what compiler it was compiled with and looks for this compiler when you need to compile modules.

# perl -V:cc

...will show the compiler used.

The "bundled" C compiler is worthless for serious development. You could license the HP C/C++ compiler:


(which also has an evaluation license):


...OR, you could fetch a binary built with 'gcc' from Merijn's website:



Frequent Advisor

Re: Perl woes on HP-UX PA 11.31

Thanks James ...

Unfortunately Merlin does not have a build for 11.31 PA 64 :( So I am trying to build it from source now. Once I got past the HiRes issue by pulling the latest version into the Perl 5.10 source it would complete to the end of make. But when I run a "make test" it is hanging on ext/IO/t/io_udp :(
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Perl woes on HP-UX PA 11.31


So compile it yourself.

How about gcc as a compiler, it can produce serious code.



Install all dependencies of any kind. Install dependencies of dependencies.

Then you can compile some serious code without spending money on a license.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Sponsor: http://hpux.ws
Twitter: http://twitter.com/hpuxlinux
Founder http://newdatacloud.com
Frequent Advisor

Re: Perl woes on HP-UX PA 11.31

That is not a sarcastic tone in your voice is it Steven ? ;)

Hey, if we knew we would have to buy a C/aC++ license then we would have included it in the project cost; but seeing as it was all fine in 11.23 that did not happen.

16 CPU LTU is gonna be pretty pricey :( I have asked for a quote though.

As HP do provide a version of GCC from the software site perhaps they could also supply a Perl GCC compiled version :D
H.Merijn Brand (procura
Honored Contributor

Re: Perl woes on HP-UX PA 11.31

I now have 11.31/IPF, so when 5.10.1 is released (RC1 is out already), I will build and upload that too.

Currently I have no spare time to create any other builds. If only ...

Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn
Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn