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Permission issue using a "lp interface for dumb line printer"

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Permission issue using a "lp interface for dumb line printer"



We use a "lp interface for dumb line printer" to process PCL files sent by a third party application called starpage (  The printer device will only push the PCL to a temporary location, which later on is processed by our ERP software.  The temporary location is /apps/reports/.  


Around a certain time in the day, where the number of users is at its peak, the printer process will loose write access to /apps/report/.


Couple of facts:

- The lp user has GIDs lp (primary) and users (secondary).

- /apps/report is a netapp volume

- /apps/report permissions drwxrwsr-x owner admin gid users

- Restarting the spooler with lpshut; lpsched will restore access.  The lp user will be able to write to /apps/report/


The simplified chain of events:

- starpage app creates a PCL file and sends to a printer device.

- The printer device (in /etc/lp/interfaces) will take the PCL data and create a file in /apps/report/

- The ERP software picks up the file 


Has anyone experienced an issue where the lp user would loose access to a directory ? It is obviously not acceptable to restart the spooler everytime with lpshut; lpsched.


Any tips to help troubleshooting are welcome !