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Print DR failed

Sunny Jaisinghani
Trusted Contributor

Print DR failed

Hello All,

I had to move the print spooler configuration from the production server to the DR server
Both the servers have HPUX 11.11

I followed these steps

On prod server

rm -r /var/sam/lp
/usr/sam/lbin/lpmgr -S -xsavedir=/var/sam/lp

tar -cf /var/sam/lp_spools.tar /var/sam/lp
scp -q /var/sam/lp_spools.tar DRserver:var/sam

On DR server

chown -R lp:bin /var/sam/lp_spools.tar
tar -xfp /var/sam/lp_spools.tar
/usr/sam/lbin/lpmgr –R –xsavedir=/var/sam/lp

The print server has been assigned a name and IP in DNS
This IP was configured on prod server as a Virtual IP
While switching the print services on DR server i removed this virtual interface from prod server(ifconfig lan0:1
configured it on DR server
ifconfig lan1:1 x.x.x.x

The are approx 725 printers in the environment
The printers in this environment are of different models


After doing all this, the test was unsuccessfull.
All the printers were enabled and were accepting requests; however the print jobs were not getting passed through the unix print queue.
The jobs were getting stuck in the queue

I checked the lan interface. It was UP
I recycled the LP scheduler. But it too did not work

What could have been the problem???

Sunny Jaisinghani
Trusted Contributor

Re: Print DR failed


Could anybody help me with this

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Print DR failed

Any messages in /var/adm/lp/log?
Sunny Jaisinghani
Trusted Contributor

Re: Print DR failed

I did not find the /var/adm/lp/log. The old log dates back to May 15th 2008

i just recycled the lp scheduler with logging

Any other place where i can look for??

Sunny Jaisinghani
Trusted Contributor

Re: Print DR failed

Are these steps necessary after this DR switch?

disable all printers
reject all printers
enable all printers
accept all printers
Vipin Appukuttan
Occasional Visitor

Re: Print DR failed


Check the attached steps. Hope this works for you as well.

with best regards,

Sunny Jaisinghani
Trusted Contributor

Re: Print DR failed

I have followed similar steps.

CAn anybody help me get to the root of this problem