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Printer Driver Installation

Occasional Contributor

Printer Driver Installation

I want to install TVS HD 955 printer (Dot Matrix) driver on HP-UX 11.31.

The driver is not available at TVS side or in dirver's CD.

Is there any compitible driver which i can use for the same ?
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Re: Printer Driver Installation

This is a parallel interface dot matrix printer with EpsonFX, IBMProprinter and OKImicroline emulation. You did not say if you are connecting it local or you have a network (jetadmin) printserver.
If you are connecting locally (paraller interface to the server) use "draftpro" or "dump" model in the spooler creation.
If you are setting up a network spooler use types 57 (dumbplot model for printers) or 58 (dumbplot model for printer with CR)in hppi. If neither interface works, try to find an epsonFX interface file for HP-UX.