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Printer configuration on HP_unix for Oracle E_business suite 11i

Aji Thomas
Regular Advisor

Printer configuration on HP_unix for Oracle E_business suite 11i

How to configure the printer with dynamic IP address in HP Unix ? AT present we configure local or network printer with SAM > Printers and plotters > LP spooler > Printers and Plotter > (action) add remote printer ......
Printer Name : hp1
Remote system name : Static ip address of Network printer or Local PC (where printer is connected).
Remote printer name : hp1
With this we are able to printer from lp command from Hp unix . Also once we will registerd in Oracle Applications able to print from Oracle. application.

Now requiremnt of printing with DHCP ( not static IP address) came . This is due to vpn connected user with printer would like to print from oracle applications.
Kindly advice how to configure in this senario with DHCP ?

Thanks in advance.
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Printer configuration on HP_unix for Oracle E_business suite 11i

I am assuming that your print server (the remote printer) is changing address randomly. There is only one solution and that is to install dynamic DNS/DHCP services on your DHCP server. There is no way for HP-UX to know what the new IP address will be without DNS providing the answer. Once dynamic DNS/DHCP is working then delete the current remote printer and add it back using the DNS name of the print server.

Now it sounds as if this remote print server is actually someone's PC with an attached printer. In that case, the requirement does not change (the print server (PC) IP address must be provided via DNS). However, if your VPN appliance is not providing DNS service, then you'll have to do some scripting to change the HP-UX print server's IP whenever the user logs in.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin