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ProLiant DL360G2 - Fan control via HPSIM & HPASM

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ProLiant DL360G2 - Fan control via HPSIM & HPASM

Hi all, I have a DL360G2. Currently the CPU fan is going full pelt 27/4. I would like to try and gain control of the fan speed. Now im lead to believe that the G2's are software controlled via the HP Health Driver (HPASM). Can anyone confirm this?

So this is where it stands atm, im running a modified CentOS system called ClearOS. I have managed to install HPSIM 6.2, HPASM and all the dependancies. I also have the HPSMH installed. I cant figure out how I gain control of the fan speed. My linix knowledge is limited at best so could someone provide me a step by step guide?

If needed I can install CentOS which im lead to believe may be more compatable. Last note im using the RHE4 rpms (compatability).

If there is no clear solution can someone advise of a free opensource OS that is compatable with the HP Software Managment?

Jimmy Vance

Re: ProLiant DL360G2 - Fan control via HPSIM & HPASM

Yes the health driver had to be loaded to take the fans out of high speed mode. The health driver was all that was needed. From what I can remember there was also a system ROM update required, so make sure you have the last ROM update that was available installed.

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