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Problem to mount NFS

toscanini montaño_1
Occasional Contributor

Problem to mount NFS

I'm trying to mount a remote file system through the SAM comand on HP-UX 11.31 and the tool does not see the remote LUNs presented by the Storage.

from the operating system, I'm using the SAM command => networking and communications => networked file systems => mounted remote file systems => menu acctions => add_remote file system => using NFS

The ping from HP-UX to Storage is working fine.

The Storage that shared the LUNs via LAN is a SUN-STORAGE S7410.

I´m attaching a file with the print of SAM windows, the error is: The information entered is not valid.

Please could someone tell me the procedure to mount NFS on HP-UX 11.31

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem to mount NFS

Look a little closer at what you entered.

In the remote server name field you have: "ST7410-B:/export" That's not a valid server name.

What you should probably try is:

Remote-Server Name: ST7410-B
Remote-Directory Name: /export/tmt-1_oraindbdc06

Basically you need JUST the server name on the "Remote-Server Name" line and then the FULL path of the remote directory on the "Remote-Directory Name" line.

Also note that it is probably NOT good practice to have spaces in any directory names you are exporting. I couldn't tell from your screen shot that there was a or an (_) character in the directory name.