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Problems booting

It's a K class

It won't boot off normal disk. I stuck in a make_recovery tape and booted off that tape. I got to the ISL prompt and said:

ISL> hpux -is -lq boot

Exec failed: Cannot find /stand/vumunix or /vmunix

john kingsley
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Re: Problems booting

When you boot from the recovery tape, select no when you're ask if you want to interact with ISL. The system should then load ignite. You have the option to either INSTALL HPUX or RUN A RECOVERY SHELL. You can try running the recovery shell to see if you can recover the system.
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Re: Problems booting

well when u interrupt the boot sequence, do a #sea that will get u all the bootable device to boot from. type #bo p6 or what ever is the device number for the tape. And that should pick it from there.
Now, u dont have to interact with isl because u dont want to go into single user mode. Further more, Exec failed: Cannot find /stand/vmunix means that there is problem with ur kernel. If thats the case, then u do have to go into single usre mode. #hpux -is and then boot from an old copy of the kernel.
But for now, just restart ur box and try what i wrote in the first paragraph.
Jaime Bolanos Rojas.
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Re: Problems booting


You can also follow those simple steps on this link:


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Re: Problems booting

Is the system mirrored? The command you gave is almost right for booting off of a vg that no longer has quorom.

If you have a mirrored root disk
1. reboot the system
2. Interrupt the boot process
3. enter bo alt to start to boot off of mirror disk
4. Answer yes to interact with the ISL
5a. enter hpux-is to come up in single user mode
5b. enter hpux -lq to have the system come up in multiuser mode
Marcel Boogert_1
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Re: Problems booting

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Re: Problems booting

Mirror boot disk has failed and it no longer has quorum and won't boot.
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Re: Problems booting

I got to the recovery shell. Nothing is mounted.
What do I do know?

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Re: Problems booting

this is what I get when I try to boot off the primary disk (at least I think it's primary)


Path Number Device Path (dec) Device Type
----------- ----------------- -----------
P0 10/0.6 Random access media
P1 10/0.5 Random access media
P2 10/0.4 Random access media
P3 10/0.3 Random access media
P4 10/8.1 Random access media
P5 10/12/5.2 Random access media
P6 10/12/5.0 Sequential access media
P7 10/12/6.0 LAN Module

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > hpux -is

ERROR: Unknown command

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > boot p0
Interact with IPL (Y or N)?> n

Boot IO Dependent Code (IODC) revision 152
IPL error: bad LIF magic.
Error Reading IPL

WARNING: Both STANDARD and EDO DRAMS are installed in this system.

------- Main Menu -------------------------------------------------------------

Command Description
------- -----------

BOot [PRI|ALT|] Boot from specified path
PAth [PRI|ALT] [] Display or modify a path
SEArch [DIsplay|IPL] [] Search for boot devices

COnfiguration menu Displays or sets boot values
INformation menu Displays hardware information
SERvice menu Displays service commands

DIsplay Redisplay the current menu
HElp [|] Display help for menu or command
RESET Restart the system
john kingsley
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Re: Problems booting

Try running the search command with the IPL option:
> search ipl

This will locate all the bootable devices and should help you identify which is your remain mirrored defice.


> boot P#

where P# is the Path number associated with the mirrored disk.