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Problems reading cdrom

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Problems reading cdrom


We copied some files from windows system to a CD and we need to use them on HP-UX system, but when I mount cdrom all files into CD appears with ";1" at the end of its name.

I tried to mount cdrom using "-F cdfs" option but I've still same problem.

If read CD from a windows system ";1" doesn't appear on each file as in HP-UX system.

Am I mounting cdrom wrong?
Are there incompatibilities with CDs copied from windows?

Note that:
- Files into CD are for HP-UX, so they should work fine.
- OS is HP-UX B.11.11

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Problems reading cdrom

Hi Carles,

Check this FAQ,

My CD-ROM doesn't show what I expect

It can be an Oracle CD-ROM, or a CD created on Windows, or whereever they used Rock Ridge extensions. Long names are truncated or show upper case only. Oracle tells you to use pfs_mount.

Do not use pfs_mount!. Install the Rock-Ridge extension patches instead and never worry about these problems. For HP-UX 11.00 you will need forget all about PFS and install PHKL_26448 (now superceded by PHKL_28060), PHCO_26449, and PHKL_26450 to have HP-UX recognize those file systems automatically on mount! For HP-UX 11.11 (11i) you need PHCO_25841, PHKL_26269, and PHKL_25760 (now superceded by PHKL_32035).

No need thereafter to use -o cdfs to mount anymore, provided you enter the CD drive in /etc/fstab like this:

/dev/cd0 /cdrom cdfs ro,rr,noauto 0 0

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Re: Problems reading cdrom

If you burned the CD with ISO9660 format, you can not read it correctly on hp-ux. HP-UX does not understand iso9660 format yet.
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Re: Problems reading cdrom

Just to clarify -- all CDROMs are ISO 9660 which defines the 8.3 names with all UPPERCASE characters and a ;1 version number. This is present on your CDs. There are actually several directories on a CD so the CDFS code is responsible to find and interpret them. The default for HP-UX is ISO 9660 only. All modern CDs are built with Rock Ridge Interchange format (aka, ECMA 168 or POSIX format) which creates a directory with long filenames and MiXeD case characters.

The reason that your HP-UX CDs appear correctly (longnames, lowercase, etc) is that HP violates the CDROM standards with the format for those disks and the CDFS code knows how to read the image correctly.

Use the option -orr when you mount the CD. If the option is *NOT* shown in the man page for:

man mount_cdfs

then you must install all 3 patches listed above. -orr will enable RockRidge capability and show the names as you expect. NOTE: PCs have a very unportable format called Joliet which cannot be read on HP-UX at all.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Problems reading cdrom

Thanks to all for your help. Now I'm able to execute it.