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Protocol for telnet

We use ???Reflection??? to telnet to our UNIX system before, now we change to use ???Netterm???as a client telnet program, the previous protocol ???unxlink??? is not usable now because Netterm don't support it. I tried to use ???zmodem??? for data upload and download , but it is not good for uploading file and in Reflection (because we use both telnet program now) , does anyone have experience what is the best protocol for Netterm ? Thanks a lot.
Stuart Browne
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Re: Protocol for telnet

If it is actually a network, then why don't you just use FTP or HTTP to transfer files back and forth?

If you insist in using some emulation program to do the transfers, then you should be able to use the 'sz/rz' tools to send/receive files in ZModem format.

'Telnet' is the protocol that most emulation software uses to talk to another machine. Some use 'ssh', or 'rlogin' protocols.

I've never heard of 'unxlink' before as a protocol, so I'm afraid I can't give you any information about what an equivalent could be.
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Hal Rottenberg
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Re: Protocol for telnet

I agree with Stuart--just use FTP. I just opened my copy of Reflection to see what you are talking about and did find the unxlink stuff in its file transfer settings. I have no clue what it does though, never used it. It should be just as easy or easier in fact to use sz/rz over unxlink.

Do you perhaps have a unique setup that requires the use of unxlink?
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Mark Fenton
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Re: Protocol for telnet

Or, if you can run ssh on your linux system, use one of the many free or not ssh clients to transfer your files.

Ted M Johnson_1
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Re: Protocol for telnet

I'd recommend using the win32 program WinSCP for secure file transfers. Nice windows explorer styled GUI and fairly well thought out. Just search for it from yahoo or google. It's homepage is a .cz site, I believe.

You can also use the Putty toolset as well (pscp, putty, pagent, etc...)

good luck.
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Re: Protocol for telnet


"rsync" from "" might be your easiest way to copy lots of files to and fro...

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Re: Protocol for telnet

The most common application used to upload and downloading file is still ftp.
Even the reflection software package will come with ftp client for a GUI display for the unix file transfer environment.

I do not have the Netterm software but I would say ftp has never give me any problems.

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