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Proxy Issue in HP-UX


Proxy Issue in HP-UX

Hi Guys,

The APP team requested to configure port in HP-UX 11.31, to use it for SMS notification, and to access this SMS server should go through proxy server with port 8080, my question now


How to access the SMS_server ( on port 3636 from HP-UX server through this proxy server


i tried to configure http_proxy by this command "export http_proxy" but still nothing reach the SMS server through the proxy



Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Proxy Issue in HP-UX

>>The APP team requested to configure port in HP-UX 11.31


The way to "configure a port" is for a specific program to open the TCP / UDP port that it needs.


That program should then be the one that handles using a proxy.


Re: Proxy Issue in HP-UX

Hi Patrick Wallek,


Thanks for your replay, but there is no option to configure the proxy IP and port in the application side.

only he configured the SMS server IP and 3636 port which we configured in UNIX box.


For that we need away to access the SMS server on port 3636 through the proxy IP with 8080 port.


APP_in_UNIX  ==>  ProxyIP:8080   ==>  SMS_Server:3636





Re: Proxy Issue in HP-UX



You can do it by using "connect":


From its help:


  usage:  connect [-dnhs45] [-R resolve] [-p local-port] [-w sec]
		  [-H [user@]proxy-server[:port]]
		  [-S [user@]socks-server[:port]]
		  host port

So you can try  ssh with the "ProxyCommand connect" option. 


Kind Regards,