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Query on TCB accounts

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Query on TCB accounts


How do i retain the TCB account information of a 11.23 machine to a 11.31 machine. i am doing a clean installation of 11.31.

Is there a way to convert tcb to be supported in 11.31

James R. Ferguson
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Re: Query on TCB accounts


The Trusted Computing Base environment *is* supported in 11.31. It is deprecated though, and will not be supported in a subsequent release.

The choice of moving to the Shadow password implementation now or later is yours.


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Re: Query on TCB accounts

One thing to bear in mind thing I noticed about TCB vs. the "new" method is that on some older versions, the shadow password scenario wouldn't support long passwords (i.e. over 8 characters) - from what I remember anyway. This is why I had to stick with TCB on some of my systems as I've needed stronger passwords due to internal rules...

I know that long password support is now out there, I just haven't had time to move to it yet.