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Questions on process priority


Questions on process priority


2 Questions -

A. My user wants to make a particular process which is started by cron on every 15 minute interval, to get the highest processing priorty, on every startup cycle. How do we implement this ?

2. Where can I get techincal information on areas such as :-
process priority (pri)
posix scheduling priority (ppr)
process scheduling increment (nice)
current scheduling policy (pol)
base scheduling policy (upr)

Are the above parameters tuneable ? What will be the max & min values and how de we set it ?

Thank you & regards.
Alexey Borchev
Regular Advisor

Re: Questions on process priority

The command is nice (for starting process) and renice (if process is already running).

You must be root to set high priority for a process.

It's also possible to set user's base priority.
(When C2 security option is configured)

Try to run sysman -> monitoring&tuning -> class scheduler.

Try reading man's for nice, renice, ps.

Try useful links -> Tru64 online documentation on this page ;-)
The fire follows shedule...