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Questions regarding OS Upgrade!

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Questions regarding OS Upgrade!

I am going to upgrade (using our ignite server) from 11.11 to 11.23. I have never done a upgrade (i know cold install is the recommendation) but this is a test server and we wanted to try. My questions are below..

1. After the os upgrade from 11.11 to 11.23 the whole data would be intact - correct(all data in the disks other than the root disks)


James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Questions regarding OS Upgrade!

Hi Joe:

Yes, that is correct.

And, so does a cold-install :-)


Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Questions regarding OS Upgrade!

Yes, it will be there - if you don't do something to destroy it like initialize disks during the restore. Assuming you have it set up as separate VGs and export them prior to your backup you just have to re-import them afterward.


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Re: Questions regarding OS Upgrade!

as noted above, yes, provided that the "data" in question is in something other than vg00
Olivier Masse
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Re: Questions regarding OS Upgrade!

Here is my take on your question.

Most experienced system administrators (me included) prefer the cold install method, for various reasons. However, HP has done a lot of work improving update-ux over the years and while I didn't trust it, say, 10 years ago, I wouldn't mind using it today..

That being said:

1. If you're absolutely sure there is no data at all in vg00 that needs to be kept, then you can cold-install or dump a golden image.

2. If you have any doubts or are not familiar with the server, an upgrade is safest.

3. No matter if you choose #1 or #2, backups are your friend. :)

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Re: Questions regarding OS Upgrade!


Yes, after os upgrade whole data would be correct, no issue, proceed on.Actually check the prerequuisite for os upgradation and proceed on