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RH4.5 Cold-Install

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RH4.5 Cold-Install

Hi all,

I have to load RH4.5 into twenty servers, with same Arch. Raid1 for OS and Raid5 custom partitions. what is the best way to do that? any doc you can share with me?

Thanks in adv for your feedback.

Ivan Krastev
Honored Contributor

Re: RH4.5 Cold-Install

If all installations will be the same you can use:
1. kickstart file - install and config one OS, create a kickstart file and use it.
2. clone installation - www.mondorescue.org will help you.

Gokul Chandola
Trusted Contributor

Re: RH4.5 Cold-Install

First you prapare a Server.
Then make a image/ghost copy and use for Other servers.
Now you have to Change Host Name and IP address only, then all servers are ready to use.

Points are welcome.

Gokul Chandola
There is always some scope for improvment.
Gokul Chandola
Trusted Contributor

Re: RH4.5 Cold-Install

Yes we can say clone in unix flavour.

Gokul Chandola
There is always some scope for improvment.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: RH4.5 Cold-Install


set up storage using server utilities.

do the install on one server.

Take the anaconda-ks.cfg file and use it to install the other servers.

Put the file on an httpd server

linux ks=http://server/anaconda-ks.cfg

Depending on your raid response you could replicate the server by swapping out one of the disks in the raid set. Make sure you change networking offline on the clone or you may knock your original server off the network.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Twitter: http://twitter.com/hpuxlinux
Founder http://newdatacloud.com
Honored Contributor

Re: RH4.5 Cold-Install

kickstart is the best way to do this,
mondorescue cloning/backup is the easiest (up to the point where you need to individualise all systems after restore)...

For the Raid, I'd do this via hardware.
ie, if you've got proliant DL systems, configure the bios/cciss interface during power-on. You create the devices seen here by the OS. The os just sees a device file, but doesn't know there's raid.
It works for me (tm)
Honored Contributor

Re: RH4.5 Cold-Install

or you can set up a NFS server and start network installation.
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