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RHDS 8 and supplemental groups


RHDS 8 and supplemental groups

I am looking into using redhat directory server 8 on 11iv3, but have a requirement for storing secondary group membership in the directory.

Does RHDS 8 allow a gid to be assigned to groups so that when going a "groups " with an ldap user, this group membership is also returned?
I have a test setup on fedora with Fedora directory server 1.0.4 and as far as I can tell, although I can add a user to a new group within the directory, I am still unable to get this group info returned when I do a groups

I have read the admin guide but I cannot find any mention of secondary groups.

Does anyone here use the combination of LDAP-UX, RHDS 8 via SSL, and also secondary group data successfully?


Re: RHDS 8 and supplemental groups

I have figured it out... for anyone else looking to do this, via directory manager, right click on the group you wish to make available to the clients, then go to advanced properties.

Locate the object class section, then select add value.

Select "posixgroup" from the list, then click OK. gidNumber will now be visible in the groups details (via the advanced view) - populate a GID and then its members will show this group membership via the clients.

Hope that makes some sense :)