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RHEL 5.4 Released! And RAW device support is back!

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RHEL 5.4 Released! And RAW device support is back!

It is officially out! Released at the recently concluded Redhat Summmit 2009 in Chicago.

From the release notes at

It is written:

Previously, support for raw devices in the upstream kernel was deprecated. However, this support has been returned to the kernel. Consequently, in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4, support for raw devices has also been returned. Additionally, the initscripts packages have been updated, adding the previously dropped functionality of raw devices.(BZ#472891)

So for you RAW device afficionadoes - thine prayers are answered. This will also be good to those Oracle ASM adopters who wish not use ASMlib.

KVM -- native Linux hypervisor is finally included and supported. RHEV -- whilst still beta is included as do othere Tech Previews specifically the SPICE tecnology which makes for a truly near native Virtual desktop experience of Virtual Machines.

If you are on Nehalem or Istanbul systems -- this release supposedly includes optimizations for these remarkable CPUs.

Hakuna Matata.
dirk dierickx
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Re: RHEL 5.4 Released! And RAW device support is back!

the best keeps getting better :)