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RHEL 5.8, NetApp, multipath where to set prio

Ralf Seefeldt
Valued Contributor

RHEL 5.8, NetApp, multipath where to set prio

Hi all,


I have to change the primary path to several LVs, that reside on a NetApp.

I have 2 Servers, 2 NetApps and 4 paths to each vdisk. 2 active (primary) and 2 enabled (secondary).

for some Filesystems, I have to switch primary and secondary.

I have no access to the NetApp.


multipath -ll creates output like this:


NETAPP_QUORUM_LUN8 (360a9859241766c314e5d455491274a37) dm-11 NETAPP,LUN
size=1.0G features='1 queue_if_no_path' hwhandler='0' wp=rw
|-+- policy='round-robin 0' prio=4 status=active
| |- 0:0:0:8 sdr        65:16  active ready running
| `- 1:0:0:8 sdq        65:0   active ready running
`-+- policy='round-robin 0' prio=1 status=enabled
  |- 1:0:1:8 sdao       66:128 active ready running
  `- 0:0:1:8 sdap       66:144 active ready running




in multipath.conf, there is no setting for prio.

multipath -l shows prio =0 for all Pathgroups.

multipath -ll shows prio=4 for primary paths and prio=1 for secondary paths.

multipathd show config shows prio=ontap


Now, i have 2 questions:


- Where is the setting for prio=ONTAP located? Is it a default setting for NetApp, that can completely be omitted or is it defined in some well hidden default configfile?


- Where can the defined priority of 4 for primary paths and 1 for secondary paths be changed? Will the change get activated automatically or wil lI have to execute `multipathd reconfigure`?
Is the prio set inside the NetApp and has to be changed by teh NetApp admin?

multipath -ll -v 5 sohws the following:


Oct 21 15:49:15 | sdan: prio = ontap (controller setting)
Oct 21 15:49:15 | sdan: ontap prio = 1


and so on


Any help will be greatfully appreciated.