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RHEL 5 installation and DM multipath

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RHEL 5 installation and DM multipath

Hi guys.


We have a  proliant dl-58o server and a p2o00 DAS storage with SAS. (dual controller). I am a little confused about DM Multipath.



The idea is to install rh locally and use a volumen of the P2o000   "/var"  (we have 2 volumen of same size in the storage)



When installing RH, does it by default configure DM Mutipath? 

from each controller on p200o is a cable to each port on the SAS HBA (2 connections total)


in the installer/partition section RH detect the local disk cciss and /dev/sda and /dev/sdb


there I dont know if RH detect both volumes of the storage, or if only see 1 volume 2 times because it has 2 conenction(in the sas HBA) to the storage.



if DM Mutipath is no configured by default because I am just installing, what should I do?


1- leave only one conection to the SAS HBA, install linux, then connect the other mini-sas cable and configure dm Multipath.


2-does it really worth having 2 connection to the storage? I mean, in case one controller in the storage fail, will linux use the other path without issue?


is there any other way or steps to install RH in this case?


I read redhat is no supoorting the HPDMmultpath4.41 anymore, and now we should use the native DM multipath of Redhat, am I right?