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RHEL Host based Firewall

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RHEL Host based Firewall

Our security team came up with this recommendation that all RHEL 5 PCI systems should be set up with host based Firewall. What does this mean? iptables?? Anyone ould help with that..Thanks in advance!



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Re: RHEL Host based Firewall

Hi Joe,

In this case, you should really ask them what their specific requirement is. If someone told me that, yes, I'd also assume setting up local iptables rules, but it's worth asking so you don't get nicked in an audit down the line.

There's lots of information on the internet and some good books that will help set up iptables, if that's what you need. I'd recommend any book by O'Reilly Media, and a search online for "iptables howto rhel5" gives some good starting points.

Don't forget to test your rules methodically before implementing in production environments :)