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RHEL kickstart usage

joseph pareti
Frequent Advisor

RHEL kickstart usage

Platform: RHEL 5.4 and DL380 G6
I'd to setup a kickstart configuration file and kickstart environment that would not install any packages on the target but only execute:

(i) preparation (e.g. setup of partitions) and
(ii) post-installation script section --- this would avoid a repository server).

However, Kickstart/ Anaconda always wants to install the "Core" package group (consisting of many packages).

Is this possible? How would such a Kickstart configuration look like?
Honored Contributor

Re: RHEL kickstart usage

Kickstart is an OS installation tool, so it of course assumes you're trying to install an OS. But you seem to want to do something else instead. So what's your goal?

Perhaps some sort of Live CD or the RHEL rescue mode (perhaps with some custom scripting added) might fit your needs better?