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RHEL4 PSP 7.91


RHEL4 PSP 7.91


I'm trying to install the PSP 7.91 on rhel 4 but I'm getting mixed results.

my most recent attempt resulted in my system having no driver available for the onboard broadcom NIC after the PSP install. Logged a call with HP who said we needed to make the source code available. But on searching these forums and reaidn some other posts on this subject it appears you no longer have to do this with RHEL 4 and up, but only have to have the kernel-devel package installed which includes the headers file?

can somebody outline the exact steps i need to take to get the PSP working please, i've followed HP's docs and still had problems.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: RHEL4 PSP 7.91


When HP said make the source code available they either meant the kernel-devel package or the source code for the broadcom NIC.

You can safely revert to the kernel that was installed before the PSP install if it supported the broadcom NIC.

Other ideas:
PSP v8
PSP v8.10

I would not describe PSP as the most stable and reliable piece of software out there.

What type of server?

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation

Re: RHEL4 PSP 7.91

Hi steven, thanks for the reply.

Can you explain what is meant by making the source code available, i think i understand that you would install th rpm kernel-devel but not sure about source code for bnx2 driver. After we had the issue we just tried to install the standalone NIc driver but it didn't solve problem. Sorry - I'm very new to Linux!

the machine is a dl380 G4. We actually solved the problem by moving to the latest version of the kernel, but I'm just trying to understand what happened rather than applying the fix we did. we have installed successfully on kernel versions 2.6.9-55, the version of system that we had issue with was 2.6.9-42 and we upgraded to 2.6.9-78 to solve problem. Is it as simple as upgrading kernel versions if we do experience issues? I've never had to to do anything special with making source files available before - albeit we were installing on slightly different kernel versions.