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RHEL4 on new DL580 Intel server.

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RHEL4 on new DL580 Intel server.


I am trying to install RHEL4 on a new DL580 Server but when i put the first CD of rhel4 It says " hard disk driver not found" . there are two SAS Hard disk of 146 GB each. BIOS is detecting the hard disks .

Please help

Thanks in advance
Ivan Ferreira
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Re: RHEL4 on new DL580 Intel server.

I'm pretty sure the latest update of RHEL (RHEL4 U5) should recognize the disks. Ensure you have the latest, or download the driver disk from the support page:
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Tor A. Dahl

Re: RHEL4 on new DL580 Intel server.


Try to look for a driver disk image for your hard drives or SAS/ATA/RAID controller. You should be able to find a suitable image and extract / burn it to a floppy or CD. Note that the version of such images should match the arch and release of the OS you're installing (ex; RHEL45_x86_64).

At the initial prompt after booting your RHEL CD, you can then type "linux dd" to indicate that you want to load a driver disk / CD before starting setup.