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Re: Raid 1+0 configuration on G8 DL380 server.

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Raid 1+0 configuration on G8 DL380 server.

Hello All,


In our new setup of DL-380 G8 servers we are trying to configure raid 1+0. Can we use hard drives from two different controllers to support this RAID? Is G8 compatible with it. OS is RHEL 5.8 without LVM.


Please advise.

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Re: Raid 1+0 configuration on G8 DL380 server.

If you want to set up a RAID using drives from two or more controllers, you will have to use Linux software RAID. Each SmartArray hardware RAID controller can only make RAID using the drives it controls.


(It may be possible to move the internal SAS cables from the integrated controller to the optional higher-performance controller to make the same controller use both internal and external disks, and thus allow the RAID 1+0 set to be created. But you did not specify the controller models, so I cannot say for sure.)


Both DL380p G8 and DL380e G8 (yes, there are two separate models!) are compatible with RHEL 5.8. The minimum supported RHEL version level for these hardware models is 5.7, and you'll need a Broadcom NIC driver update at that level.

For level 5.8, the drivers included in the OS are fine, so the update is not required.